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Winter Hair Care Prep

The temperature is starting to drop and it’s time to face facts. Winter is coming. The time of year when hair is treated to harsh temperatures, scarves, beanies and a little less love. But, a little bit of preparation now can turn that around and make winter your hair’s best season yet. Use these helpful hair tips from the award-winning Brisbane hairdressers at Fruition, including the resident AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year Craig Smith!


There is never a more important time to make sure your ends are regularly trimmed and your colour is refreshed. Prep now with a winter booking and then make sure you ask your stylist how you should maintain over the coming months. After all, the winter hats need to come off when you come inside so there is no hiding!

One of the most important things you can do at this time of year is to treat your hair with a deep treatment. Whether it’s an intensive hair mask or a leave-in conditioner, you need to give your hair back the moisture that the cold has stripped out. It’s the perfect excuse to relax in a warm bath while you give your hair a nourishing boost. The steam from the water will help intensify the heat treatment and amp up the results helping you maintain healthy shiny hair.

Scarves, woolly jumpers and jackets can play havoc with the back of your hair, as the constant friction causes your hair to knot and dry out leaving it brittle and damaged. A quick tip is to make sure you pull hair up loosely and clip or tie so it is out of the way before you head out into the cold, then, take it out later, complete with a subtle wave. For suggestions on the latest trends in upstyles be sure to ask the best hairdressers in Wilston.

Finally, constant heat styling during winter can place added stress on your locks, and with more chance of you blowdrying regularly in the cold weather, try to keep your routine simple. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to every day washing and drying and takes some pressure off your hair.

For more hair care tips and expert hair advice on maintaining your luscious locks throughout the winter months, pop into the best hair salon in Queensland and see our amazing team.