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Backed by science, Approved by stylists! creativity with no limits – every hair dream realised! Our hair inside is made of millions of interwoven keratin chains made of amino acids connected… Read More

6 Things Women with Great Hair do Every Day

Do you ever see women on TV, in films or even on the street and get serious hair-envy? Not just the cut or how it’s styled, just that they have… Read More

Fruition Style Ambition

Stylists Supporting Starlight Smiles

Fundraising at Fruition is in full force this May with ‘Salon Select Smiles for Starlight’! An industry-wide fundraising initiative in support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, the 'Salon Select Smiles For Starlight'… Read More

Fruition Style Ambition


Don’t be surprised if you hear the sound of a champagne cork or two popping in Fruition this month because we are celebrating and then some! The salon is now… Read More