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Backed by science, Approved by stylists! creativity with no limits – every hair dream realised! Our hair inside is made of millions of interwoven keratin chains made of amino acids connected… Read More

A Parting Thought

You may not pay that much attention to it, or you may never be parted… what are we talking about? Your part! Where you draw the line can be a… Read More

Fruition Style Ambition

Fruition Finds Its Tokyo Muse

We couldn’t be prouder to announce that Fruition’s very own mini muse Cara Mio Robinson has stormed her way into the final five of a debut national competition. After four… Read More

From Pretty To Pretty Wild: Fruition Fashion Girls Pick Their Hits From MBFWA

So that’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia over for another season! Five days, 133 shows and more fashion and beauty than you could shake a stick at! The best place… Read More