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Shannon makes her mark as a 2020 Fame Team Finalist!


A huge Fruition congratulations is in order for one of our incredible team members and we could not be more excited. Our very own Shannon Strike has been named as a Finalist for the hotly contested FAME TEAM for 2020. While FAME does shine a spotlight on the incredible talent it yields, it is not merely about fame per se, rather standing for The Fellowship Academy of Merit and Excellence and holds a huge amount of prestige within the Australian hair industry. Organised by the same team who created the AHFA awards here, we are thrilled that she has the chance to show her stuff to the best in the business.

Launched by the Fellowship for British Hairdressing in the UK, FAME is an opportunity for young hairdressers to access training and education beyond their wildest dreams and the annual competition that is the FAME Team is a celebration of new and noteworthy hairdressing talents from across Australia.

With past mentors including Renya Xydis, Richard Kavanagh, Laren McCowan, Jules Tognini, Fruition’s Craig Smith and Damien Rinaldo in Australia and Trevor Sorbie, Angelo Seminara, Zoe Irwin, Tyler Johnston, Adam Reed and Sassoons in the UK (to name but a few) the wealth of knowledge to be gained is impossible to quantify. The life-changing program for mentorship, education and travel showers winners with the best that this incredible industry of ours has to offer- and we have our fingers crossed that Shannon will be lucky enough to be one of the team in 2020!

With our very own Craig Smith the current reigning Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2019, this years AHFA awards are going to be exciting and emotional. As Craig hands over the crown to the next lucky winner, will Shannon be picking up an accolade of her own? We will have to wait and see!! We will keep you updated on all the goings on at the next AHFA Awards in Sydney in April.

Congrats again Shannon.