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Project Feel Good – a Fruition Initiative

It was an experience in Vietnam four years ago that completely changed Craig Smith’s life and led to the creation of the social responsibility inspired ‘Project Feel Good’. In 2013, alongside industry colleague Maria Unali, Craig took part in the Shaping Futures program, a Schwarzkopf global initiative in community responsibility that teaches disadvantaged adolescents skills in hairdressing. The pair spent two weeks leading the cutting component of a six-week training program with kids from local villages, all of whom were either orphaned or abandoned by their families.

“On the trip, something inside me changed and I knew I couldn’t walk away from these kids. The program gave these kids an injection of what their future might look like, but then it was the next step which was so crucial and I knew there was a role to play in actively helping to guide that next step. I couldn’t stop thinking about what their future might look like – not if we didn’t do something but if we did do something. I was told it wasn’t going to work, it was too hard, but I knew that if we gave these amazing kids one little opportunity they would grab it with both hands and run with it”.

From this belief, Craig’s personal charity program, Project Feel Good was born. Working with local community contacts on the ground in Vietnam, and then engaging the support of the amazing Fruition team, collectively they have been able to give a skill set to these youths to provide them with a chance at independent living. With the initiative increasingly securing long term employment and training for participants, Project Feel Good continues to literally change lives.

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