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The Perfect Fruition Experience

Here at Fruition, the home of the AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2019, we pride ourselves on providing the best salon experience in Brisbane thanks to our expert cut, colour and style skills. But a visit to Fruition is about much more than hair- it’s important to us that everyone feels welcomed, understood and loves every minute of their pampering session. To help make every salon appointment a positive one, here are a few simple ways to ensure you always get your best cut, best colour and best style no matter which salon you visit. Although we would HIGHLY recommend you visit your friendly local Wilston salon!


Take a quick look online to research your hairdresser and their salon before you book. It is so much easier these days to really get a feel for what they stand for and how well they do their job. At Fruition, we proudly display our amazing online reviews as well as some of the incredible work we get to do every day across our social media. We love being able to put your mind at ease by being able to show you the people behind the chairs.

Give clear information about what you are looking for when you call to book, don’t be shy! We are here to listen to your wants, needs and any concerns. You should never feel rushed off the phone or uncomfortable, it’s our job to match you to the perfect hairdresser for your needs so be sure to answer any questions honestly and be sure to take any advice.

Your stylist will take the time at the start of your appointment to get to know you and your hair and determine the best approach. This is the time to have a chat and let them know things you have and haven’t liked in the past so they can understand your hair history a little better.

A little bit of prep before your appointment can go a long way. Be sure to bring along a few visual examples of what you are looking for so there can be no confusion about what you really mean. After all, it’s easy to picture honey blonde differently to your hairdresser, and it can be hard to judge how those couple of inches will look once they are chopped off! Be sure to show your references and discuss them with your stylist to ensure no unwelcome surprises.

Throughout the appointment your hairdresser should run you through what they are doing and the products they are using, and if not, don’t be afraid to ask! Hairdressers are here to help you and it’s our job to create a comfortable and empowering experience. Most of all, if you aren’t happy with the cut, colour or style, be sure to let them know and to keep that communication open.

Heading to Fruition for the first time as your last salon experience was less than stellar? Relax and know you are in safe hands. Our award-winning team are the best in Wilston and are experts in colour correction and are sure to be able to restore your hair to all it’s glory.

Here at Fruition we love nothing more than creating long term relationship and restoring our clients’ faith in that magical relationship we can all have with our hairdressers. Come say hi and give us a try!


Image credit: @rachelthaiday