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A Parting Thought

You may not pay that much attention to it, or you may never be parted… what are we talking about? Your part!

Where you draw the line can be a massive focal point for your styles. Face shape is the biggest consideration when deciding how you divide and conquer, but you also have to think about hair length, thickness and layers…

Whichever way you wear it, we have some tips and tricks to the perfect part, straight from the Fruition Style Ambition team at Brisbane’s Wilston Hair Salon!

Heart shaped faces

Fruition’s superstar stylist & AHFA Queensland Hairdresser Of The Year, Amanda says “This face shape can have the best of both worlds! Having a centre part is perfect for a longer face whereas side is best to take attention away from a forehead like Reese Witherspoon”.

Round faces

“A deep side parting is perfect for a rounder face as this will give the illusion of length” says Emily.

Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr regularly sport their parts super low and with long hair worn over one shoulder, this takes their look from from ‘puppy fat’ to ‘sophisticate.’

Square faces

“A side parting, the same as any asymmetry is a plus. Give your preference to an off-centered parting, slightly shifted from the central line to soften the jawline and create the illusion of more of an oval shape like the divine Keira Knightly” says Fruition’s local Wilston hairdresser, Cara.

Oval faces

Hairstylist Zoey says “Centre parts are perfect for creating asymmetric shapes if the hair is long. For a boho feel to your hair, having a relaxed parting which basically looks like you’ve been a bit off with the comb, can not only give a more laid-back look but it’s also a great way to distract from roots! Kate Moss wears this part perfectly – well, she would, wouldn’t she?!”

Long faces

Side partings are perfect for longer faces as centre parts tend to accentuate the length and therefore side – think Sarah Jessica Parker who is rarely seen without a centre part, says Sophia. “Slightly off-centre parts are so much more flattering – take Liv Tyler’s word (or face) for it!”

Pick the part for you!