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Olaplex – Pushing The Blonde Boundaries

Blonde envy is a real thing with those of us who were born on the ebony side of the spectrum often wondering what life would be like on the other side. Whilst some of us have ventured into the land of foil highlights and others have taken the plunge into pure platinum, after dabbling in blonder pastures, we are all to often forced to return to our darker roots as our hair cries out for a little TLC of the care and conditioning kind, that was until the hair gods created Olaplex.

At Fruition, our Wilston hairdressers can now push the boundaries of blonde colour further than ever before without compromising the health and integrity of our client’s hair!

For all of our beautifully blonde Brisbane client’s or those who have braved lighter locks in the past, everyone knows that being blonde, or platinum as past trends have dictated, is no easy feat. We often see clients who want to go blonde (or blonder) but we have to advise against it as it would be too harsh on their delicate or already damaged hair as a result from the sun, sea, heat styling or years of chemical processing.

Enter Olaplex. A game changer in the life of all blonde beauties (and creative colourists like us!)

Designed to push out the boundaries of colour restrictions, Olaplex gives our salon team a higher level of creative freedom by allowing us to change your hair colour without fear of leaving it weakened or damaged. In-fact, the way that Olaplex works, it will actually leave your hair stronger and healthier than ever before!

Our entire team Fruition Hair can’t stop raving about the new Olaplex add on service, and we’re sure you’ll LOVE it too!

For more information or to speak to a Fruition Hair Stylist about Olaplex and how it can help you and your hair, please feel free to give us a call on 07 3356 3311!