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Oh, Baby!

Our hair goes through lots of changes throughout our lives, and for women, one of the biggest is pregnancy and becoming a mum. For some women pregnancy is the most magical time of their lives, but for others, it takes a little extra help behind the scenes to keep your locks in optimum condition. At the award-winning Fruition hair salon, our best Wilston hairdressers are experts in maintaining your hair at this exciting time. We have gathered up our top tips to make sure you have the best cut, best colour and best styles possible.

Oh baby

We highly recommend regular trims as a first line of defense as hair during pregnancy can experience more dryness making split and broken ends much more common. It’d a good idea to also try to minimise brushing hair when wet and any overuse of heat stylers as these can both encourage damage and hair loss.

If you decide to keep colouring your hair, be sure to let us know asap that you are pregnant so we can ensure we use the right products. With so much awareness of the potentially harmful effects of some products and increased sensitivity, we are just as keen as you to ensure you are perfectly looked after. If you are still feeling cautious consider opting for highlights instead – after all, we create the best balayage in Brisbane!

The trickiest thing about pregnancy hair is likely the inevitable hormone changes that will play havoc with your follicles. You might experience incredible hair growth with big bouncing volume and amazing shine, but you might also be left with hair that feels lank and oily and even start thinning. Our best hairdressers near you can tailor a personalised hair treatment plan to suit your very specific needs whether a new shampoo, conditioner or at home hair treatments.

Be sure to plan out your appointment schedule so that we can make sure your hair is prepped and ready for those first few months with bub at home. A fresh cut and colour can make a world of difference in those sleep deprived times! We can also tailor your cut to a finish which requires minimal styling and suits your new lifestyle. We find plenty of mums decide it’s time to try a fun new crop, and a lob is the perfect entry point for a no fuss hairstyle with plenty of styling flexibility.

Post image credit: @behatiprinsloo