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Mikey and Julia join Project Feel Good

Mikey, Julia and Craig have just arrived home after another incredibly inspiring and rewarding trip to Vietnam for Project Feel Good. Whilst this is Craig’s 4th time visit, it was Mikey and Julia’s first time and in this post we ask them about their experience meeting, training and working with the local students and salon owners involved with the initiative.


“I get excited about the opportunity to travel with work and, to be able to do so for Project Feel Good makes it even more special. Wow, what a memorable trip! Having the opportunity to partake and share what knowledge I have with those less fortunate was something I will never forget. And none of this would be possible without Craig, his passion and dedication to make a difference for those less fortunate is truly selfless.”


“Project Feel Good was amazing, the kidswere so willing to learn, and wanted to be the best! Everyone involved are such warm and kind people! We had a laugh with them too! Knowing that is has only been 2 short years since the original students of PFG picked up a pair of scissors, it is incredible to see what skills they have developed. Some of the students are now managing the salons that employed them from the SOS Village children’s orphanage they grew up in. Seeing how hard they work, and how much they want to succeed in their profession, when they haven’t had much go their way in life, is truly an inspiration and really puts a lot into perspective.”



For more information about Project Feel Good click here (hyperllink to Project Feel Good page)