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Met Gala – Get the Look with Fruition

Here at the home of Australian Hairdresser of the Year Craig Smith, we can’t get enough of the Met Gala 2019 ‘Camp’ hair looks. Whilst most of them were suitably over the top, here the best hairdressers in Brisbane choose a couple of the most Fruition Hair worthy looks that are perfect to recreate for that special event. They are still definitely statement looks and not for the faint hearted but sometimes that is half the fun! After you have your best cut and best colour thanks to our Wilston salon, then comes the best style!

Kim Kardashian

Kim K
Kim’s look was described as “California Girl coming out the ocean” and perfectly complemented her incredible Thierry Mugler wet look corset dress. We love this look as the look itself is relatively simple, but the true wet finish takes it to another level.

STEP 1: Prep hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

STEP 2: The key with styling is for hair to remain damp throughout this process so roughly towel dry before applying a shine enhancing treatment to create a strong base and help add gloss to the finish. Apply the product in sections and ensure hair is completely saturated.

STEP 3: Blow dry the hair focusing on smoothing hair downwards and mininising frizz.

STEP 4: Generously apply a gloss serum and a flexible hold hairspray evenly all over the hair before creating an off centre part and creating deep waves by pushing and forming the hair backwards and forwards in an “S” motion.

Elle Fanning

Have you ever seen a more over the top yet immaculate high ponytail? We haven’t! Dressed as a Mali-Miu Barbie, this look perfectly suited the camp theme, right down to her dangling nail charms. The impact from this look comes from the addition of extensions so come see us in salon to get the full effect!

STEP 1: Begin slicking your hair back with a soft bristle brush and spritz a strong hold hairspray to smooth fly-aways and add shine before tying your hair up.

STEP 2: Run over your hair with a gloss serum to get a slightly wet look.

STEP 3: Take hair and, with tension, tightly wrap the hair extension around your pony.

STEP 4: Use a section of hair to wrap around the ponytail using extra hair spray for hold and add bobby and hair pins to firmly keep in place.

STEP 5: If using extensions, cut to desired length. Then use a wide barrelled curling tong to tong all over the hair in sections. Finish with a last spritz of flexible hold hairspray.



Image credits: @kimkardashian @justjenda