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When you know better, you do better!

You may have seen on our Instagram feed recently that we are proud supporters of Refoil. What is Refoil you might have wondered? Well it’s a simple way that our award winning Wilston salon is able to minimise our impact on the planet. We love what we do and are proud to look after so many faithful Fruition fans, but with that work comes a responsibility. After all, when you know better, you do better! And Refoil is just one way that we can do be sure to do what we can to protect the earth.


Refoil was founded by a passionate hairdresser and an environmentalist after they discovered that the Australian hairdressing industry sends over 1 million kilograms of foil waste to landfill yearly and only 1% of hair salons were recycling. That’s a lot of waste!! It seemed crazy when you look at just many incredible benefits to recycling there are.

  • Recycling aluminium saves up to 97% of the water used in refineries to process ore into alumina. Recycling one kilogram of aluminium saves approximately 233 litres of water.
  • Re-melting used aluminium saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce the primary product. Smelting alumina into pure aluminium is an energy-intensive process. Recycling on the other hand uses only 5% of the energy needed to smelt alumina into pure aluminium. Recycling one kilogram of aluminium saves approximately 14 kilowatts of energy. That’s the equivalent to powering a TV for 204 hours.
  • Valuable aluminium is diverted from landfill and stays in the loop for the manufacture of new products.
  • Recycling creates jobs in the collecting and sorting of recyclables.
  • Recycling conserves precious natural resources for future generations.

Here at the best salon in Brisbane, we take all that foil that is used to create your incredible new hair colour, scrunch it up and send it to the amazing Refoil crew who then work their magic. So next time you sit in a Fruition salon chair you can feel great about more than just your fresh look. You can feel great about the things we are doing to help minimise our impact on the planet.

Image credit: @refoil