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As any of our Fruition clients who know anything about make-up (so pretty much all of you) will know, colour correction has been a huge buzzword in cosmetics for a number of years. Brands like Clinique have been leading the charge with their amazing super primers: green and yellow toned creams to counteract redness, lilac to counteract sallowness, peach for discolouration, pink for dullness… the list goes on.

Good news from our friends at Kerastase who are employing the same kinds of colour-correcting technology in hair care with their newly-launched Reflection Chromatique line, which helps to keep your hair colour the hue you intended. The range includes two shampoos, a conditioner, a mask, and two mixing kits that can help you maintain your shade at home using the colour-correcting technique. 

So how does it work? “This new range not only colour corrects but also helps with the overall condition of color-treated hair,” says our Wilston hair salon stylist Tayla Harrison. “It makes hair more luminous and reflective and it also counteracts the dreaded fade by giving you a booster that you can use at home to maintain the beautiful professional color we’ve created for you here at our beautiful Brisbane-based hair salon .”

There are currently two Touche Chromatique pens to choose from depending on your shade. The Touche Chromatique Cool Blond is a purple pen that neutralizes and prevents unwanted yellow undertones if you’re blond. Or try the Cool Brown kit (which is a green pen) if you are a rich, dark brunette and want to avoid any brassiness.

Launching in the future will be a Cool Copper set that features a copper shade to keep your hair that gorgeous amber hue. Finally, the Cool Red will be for true redheads, and like Copper, it uses the same shade to your cherry colour popping!

The pens combat the wrong pigment getting into the hair, like when a blond starts to get brassy or even when brown color gets dingy or when hard water starts to deposit into the hair. The cool tones in the Touche Chromatique paired with the Masque Chromatique help keep your blonds a bright blond or the browns neutral. On the other hand, you can use the collection to compensate for color fading over time out of higher vibrancy colors.

And of course, as with any new range from Kerastase, the shampoos are also not to be sniffed at (or rather – they ARE to be sniffed at!!!) The ingredients include a patented Chelators Complex, which has sodium citrate, as well as yuzu and lychee extract (is there any smell better than yuzu and lychee – bring me a martini STAT!) This combination helps to neutralize water particles and protect the hair surface. There’s also nourishing rice bran oil, UV filters and vitamin E.

Finally there are two choices in the shampoo: The Reflection Bain Chromatique (sulfate-free) and Reflection Bain Chromatique Riche. One is sulfate-free, which adds to the peace of mind if you are interested in sulfate-free products. The other is a more conditioning formula for those that have colour-treated hair that is a little more sensitized.

Next time you are in Wilston village, pop into Fruition and ask one of the team to talk you through the new range – we promise you won’t look back!

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