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Our hair inside is made of millions of interwoven keratin chains made of amino acids connected by peptide bonds. These interwoven polypeptide keratin chains are what hold hair inside together and give it strength and elasticity -they are like the vertical side poles of a ladder with the interchain and intrachain disulphide bonds being the horizontal rungs in these interwoven ladders, together making a strong, sturdy structure. The disulphide bonds don’t have artificial or physical connections in their natural state. They are covalent bonds (happen spontaneously when cysteine molecules are laid out in a specific combination and adjacency one of which releases energy to allow for disulphide bond conformation.(like two magnets with opposite polarity binding together even though there is no physical connection).

When hair undergoes harsh chemical processing or styling, the structure breaks in both its rungs and poles. Bond repair products patch only the rungs, bridging the two sides with a chemical bond. The structure is not secure since the side poles( keratin chains)  that hold the rungs are still broken. Also the rungs can be easily re-broken as soon as the hair is washed. The interwoven keratin chains cannot just connect back together by themselves or by artificial bridges. So hair loses its strength and also its resilience..

This unique structure and composition is what makes K18 a biomimetic peptide with its entire library encoded in the keratin genome and patented! It feels at home in your hair and mimics the unique structure that reconnects the keratin dimers together in your hair! Unfortunately, hair cannot repair itself because it contains no live cells to make this specific keratin peptide so K18 simply happens to be the next best answer to restore your damaged hair to a near natural state of strength and elasticity and make YOUR HAIR BOTH LOOK AND FEEL LIKE NEW!


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Experience the best of K18 Peptide in a salon before a chemical service. Then, continue your active care at home — watch and feel your hair transform with every use.

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