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Is there anyone who isn’t either on holidays or packing for somewhere dreamy right now?! From proseccos in Positano to daiquiris in Dubrovnik and mojitos in Mykonos, whether you are getting ready to head for the Brisbane International Terminal or daydreaming about your next getaway while your Instagram feed overdoses on exotic beach images, we have the essential travel guide for hair. And don’t worry – a quick weekend away for bellinis at Broadbeach totally counts!!

First things first, your hair. Seems obvious but you want to make sure you are booked in nice and early to ensure you get an appointment right before your trip so you can make the absolute most of that fresh cut and colour. If you are going for a big trip with plenty of fun in the sun and salt water therapy, think about taking the plunge and going a little shorter or book in for the best balayage in Brisbane. A change is a good as a holiday and that goes for your hair too!

Make sure you master at least one no fuss hairstyle that works for your hair and that you can easily create from a hotel room with minimal styling tools. Get your Fruition stylist to give you a quick crash course as they are styling your look and be sure to ask questions to get all the info you can.

When it comes to choosing products obviously travel size is the way to go, no matter how much luggage space you have. Chances are you are not going to go through much product at all, so don’t lug around full size bottles only to not use them and be at risk of leaving behind at a hotel. Check what your favourite brands have in the way of travel sizes or look at getting yourself a few reusable bottles and rationing out what you need. The best thing about travel size is that they are also perfect for your handbag so you will get more use out of them than you think.

Your hair deserves a little R&R as well and with so many single use masks and treatments it’s easier than ever to pop a few pampering essentials in your carry on. Add a nourishing treatment to hair before swimming to limit damage and keep hair silky smooth and soft.

Finally don’t forget to add in some hair accessories when your other accessories. A chic colourful scarf can work double time as a headband or grab one of the new generation silk scrunchies to add to a high ponytail for effortless style. And don’t forget your sun hat! You want to protect your skin and your hair from all that sun.

Holiday hair essentials
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