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Here at Fruition Hair Salon in Wilston, your dedicated team of Brisbane hairdressers have scoured the internet, Instagram and International mags to bring you the run down on two of the hottest hair trends as of right now. Get inspired by our edit and get thinking about a fresh change!

The Taylor LaShae

You know you’ve made it when a style gets named after you, such is the power of great hair. Relative unknown fashion model Taylor LaShae is rocking her current look so much that she is inspiring a crop of devotees to head into their closest salon to capture her style. Refinery29 declared that “everyone in LA wants this French-girl haircut”, as an antithesis to the trademark bouncy beach inspired wave.

Chic and adorable yet also only for the true hair risk-taker, the look even appeared in the Insta inspiration board of celebrity hair queen Jen Atkin. High praise.

Sal Salcedo, who created the look, describes it as a classic bob cut to the lips with bangs cut above the eyebrows, slightly longer at the temples and blended into the length. Think of it as a fashionable middle ground between the pixie cut and classic lengths. Add a breton stripe and a beret and you are good to go.

Taylor LaShae_1   Taylor La Shae_2

Metallic Shine

Pink and apricot certainly had their time in the sun, with subtle ombre hints continuing to pop up, but metallic is still the current go to for those in the know. Playing with grey also had a big moment last year, but the new take on this old fashioned shade involves a high shine platinum finish with the shimmering power of metallics. While grey can look flat and dull, this evolution of the style means hair looks glossy and healthy whilst also capturing the full impact.

Who would have thought we would all be clamouring for that which has been so oft maligned, but hey, we like it!

While grey was only ever sitting annoyingly in the background, now it can take centre stage for 20 years old to 80 year olds and everyone in between with a full spectrum of tones and highlights. While the focus has been on the attention getting powers of silver, keep an eye out for an increase in gold as blondes get set to enjoy their own metallic hues and three-dimensional effects.

Metallic shine 1   Metallic Shine 2



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