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Fruition Salutes the Pony

Runway to realway, the ponytail is queen for any Brisbane hairdresser. This most versatile of hair styles can take you from popping to the shops, sweating up a storm in gym class right through to the most glamourous event of the year. What other hair style is quite that versatile? Here we pay tribute to one of our fave Fruition hair looks of all time – the humble pony.

At our award-winning Wilston hair salon near you we have created more ponytails than we can possibly count. With our work on fashion weeks around the world and with our beloved clients in the salon, you could call us ponytail masters. Experts at creating any hairstyle at the best salon in Queensland we have a soft spot for this updo, so if you’re thinking, where is the best hairdresser near me to recreate my very own Ariana Grande moment – the Fruition team have got you covered.

Here, our amazingly talented hairdressers choose their fave ponytail moments;


Ariana’s ponytail is so much a part of her persona that we literally can’t remember what she looked like without it! Filled with extensions, this is the pony of most people’s dreams – thick and voluptuous with crazy length. A pony like this needs a bit of added help so let the Fruition team create it for you in salon – just ask us how.


This is such a fun and simple way to create interest- use elastic ties to section the length and then tease out to create bubble shapes. Maximum impact, minimum effort. This can work on any length, but the longer the better.


We love this as the perfect example of a sleek and glamourous version. Perfectly positioned at the back of the crown, this look is super simple but needs to be created with precision. Tied with either ribbon or a hair tie, this allows hair to show off it’s shine and is flattering pulled off the face.


This is such a luxe version and we love it. The key here is texture, texture and more texture. Subtle waves and plenty of volume leave this looking ultra-romantic and soft. Tease out sections around the face to add a little framing flattery.

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