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Fruition Red Hill

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Brisbane’s leading hair stylist sees red, opens a second salon

as the business of style grows

There’s a hair salon in Brisbane that people drive hours and run red lights for and forfeit anniversary events,
birthday parties and annual general meetings for. It’s the salon that has been on the national radar since 2010
when the first state and national awards began rolling in, and in 2023 there’s no mantlepiece big enough to hold
the full set of Salon of the Year, Hairdresser of the Year & Apprentices of the Year trophies.

This salon is FRUITION STYLE AMBITION (Fruition) and it’s owned and visioned by a bloke called Craig Smith
who rides a Harley, rocks a mullet, waves away stereotypes quicker than an Ibis jumps in a bin and has styled the locks of some of the country’s biggest names and greatest models, as well as his army of fiercely loyal clients,
who would probably follow him to the moon if he asked.


IN BREAKING NEWS, now there’s a second FRUITION.
Craig has officially opened Fruition RED HILL.
So it’s true, one of the country’s most awarded salons has a sister space at 160 Musgrave Road Red Hill; 116sqm
of that cool/chic Fruition style. Heading up with the magic scissors and colour wands is Chad Nicholson, senior
stylist and styling rockstar. Smith will cruise between the two salons on his Harley.
Sensibly, Fruition staff will work across both locations, and the two salons share a common contact number (07

Listen, can you hear that? It’s a collective sigh of relief and anticipation across Brisbane – especially from some
of Fruition’s superfans, like Olympian Libby Trickett and fitness and fashion leader, Rachel Thiaday because now
there’s more availability! Smith said opening the second salon was a demand driven response. “The business of style is constant and Brisbane is a city full of people who understand individual style, whether it’s a bloke with short back ‘n sides, a
millennial into balayage, a tradie who wants his cutaway mullet sharp, a woman who wants her locks long and
flowing, those who want traditional colour, and those who want to wear the rainbow and all variations in
“Demand has been on the increase for over 12 months now and when the opportunity came to open a second
salon in Red Hill, I jumped. Inner suburban villages are the new heartbeat of Brisbane, so Red Hill works for me,
it’s very similar to Wilston, which has been a brilliant headquarters for Fruition since 2012.”
Fruition is a salon that recruits and keeps the most talented best stylists. Since opening in the city in 1996 and
then moving to Wilston in Brisbane’s inner north in 2012, Craig has mentored XX apprentices to award winning
positions, with many now working overseas in leading salons in London and New York.

IN MORE BREAKING NEWS, the just-announced Queensland Hairdresser of the Year is Max Cooper, who is a co-
founder with Craig Smith of Helmet Hair at Nundah and the Education Facilitator at Fruition.
Not surprisingly, Smith said he has clients that have been coming to Fruition since it opened it’s doors in
Brisbane city in 1996. “While some have moved away from Brisbane, they still come to us, often driving out
outside Toowoomba, from above the Sunshine Coast and from the Tweed.”