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Fruition Red Carpet Edit: Governors Ball

We love a good red carpet, especially when we get a few diverse looks that we absolutely adore. The Governors Ball brought a little glam to pre-Oscar celebrations, and there is nothing better than that Oscar’s carpet! In a little glimpse of what is to come, we saw three incredible looks that are perfect to recreate for you in the best salon Brisbane. Our award-winning team would love to add a little glam to your next big event with the best cut, the best colour and then the best style, to make sure you look fabulous.

Take a look below and see which one of the below looks is for you;


This look was a structural marvel! More art piece than simple updo, she just keeps outdoing herself with her red carpet looks. How is she reverse ageing?! This look is classic JLo with the hair pulled dramatically and tightly off the face. The style is pulled up into a high ponytail, before the length is braided neatly into even sections. Each of these section was then twisted around the base to create a Grecian style high bun. Some sections were left loose to add contrasting texture to the finished look. Added bonus? This look gives the face a natural face lift.

Lili Reinhart

This is the blowdry to end all blowdries. It’s classic, it’s flattering and it is a go to for any occasion. The key here is the masses of volume that have been worked into the hair to give it plenty of height over the eye. The subtle side part is softer on the face and the sweeping fringe keeps it light and feminine. Tucked behind the ear on one side is the final detail. This look also shows off her beautiful balayage work and if you want to recreate this, see the best balayage Brisbane experts right here at Fruition.

Dakota Johnson

All hail the fringe! Specifically, the sexy, 70’s style curtain bangs sported here. Fringes are tricky, but Dakota has made one her signature style and it works for her every time. The best cut has been used here to ensure there is plenty of weight to create that blocked finish, yet here there is a subtle curtain framing to break up the thickness just a little and give it a little movement. With such a statement the rest of the hair has been left loose and ultra-natural with just a hint of subtle curl. The whole look shows of her perfect shine and healthy hair.

Love these looks? Whether you want the best blowdry, best updo or best bangs, call us at Fruition and we will take care of you!


Image credits: @daniellepriano  @jennakristina  @marktownsend1