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The Fruition Debate: Long vs Short

It’s a battle as old as time. One for the ages. An epic struggle waged on salon floors worldwide. Long vs short. Are you bonkers for a bob? Or are you loco for length? Here at Fruition, Brisbane’s best salon, we say let the games begin! Our award-winning Wilston hairdressers have made their case and below, we ponder the iconic question – is long or short better?!


Is there anything more feminine than tumbling mermaid-esque curls? It’s the ultimate hair style status symbol, as immaculately kept long hair can’t help but look luxurious and expensive. For versatility long hair wins hands down. Sleek and straight. Soft waves. Elaborate updos. Intricate braids. Sure there is a little more upkeep, but it’s not something that everyone gets the chance to experience, so if you are able to grow it, why wouldn’t you? Hell, even short hair girls want in on the action with Kylie Jenner sporting the world’s longest ponytail courtesy of one of her many wigs for her recent 21st birthday. Thanks to the birthday girl, we can expect to see more and more people deciding long is definitely best!

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell long hair
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner long hair


When it comes to convenience, short hair is in a world of it’s own. Who hasn’t chopped off their locks and felt the most incredible sense of freedom and empowerment? It’s like those extra lengths can weigh us down physically as well as emotionally. And let’s not forget that with a perfectly cut bob, shag or pixie, short hair is downright sexy. It’s just so much more relaxed. No battling knotted tendrils into submission, no desperate last ditch ponytails or headwear to get out the door. Spritz some texturising spray, give a quick scrunch and you are pretty much good to go. True short girls know- once you go short you never go back!

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevigne long hair
Emilia Clark
Emilia Clark short hair

So who wins? Everyone! Whether you like your hair short or long, our hairdressers are the best in Brisbane when it comes to both.

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