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Embrace your dark side for spring

Spring is almost here and it’s time to say goodbye to winter. While we are pretty lucky here in Brisbane to never really have to battle with the elements, we still love when a fresh season rolls around. The best hairdressers in Wilston also love to help our clients try something new and what better time than with the promise of spring. While most people immediately think warmer weather equals lighter colour, we hate to follow the ‘rules’, so here is our guide to going darker. Time to embrace the deepest and richest chestnuts, mahogonys and chocolates and revel in their high gloss finish and multidimensional shine.

dark hair

Here are our the three key areas our best hair colourists can guide you through;

1. Choosing it

This is the trickiest and most crucial element, yet also the easiest when you visit our leading Brisbane salon. First, we need to review the state of your hair and how dramatic a change to the colour and texture it will be. Blonde curly hair will obviously present different challenges to brunette locks looking for a refresh. Rest assured that if you do decide to jump straight in with a big change, our colour experts will ensure no nasty surprises in the chair. Start saving images of colours you love so that we can have a clear picture.

2. Cutting it

There aren’t many rules here but we find people sometimes prefer to just focus on the colour change to start with, rather than adding a dramatic cut into the mix. Having said that we do love a dramatic change, so we are all for it if you are! Deep brunette lobs are such a great middle ground for longer hair experimentation. Either way, rest assured we will create a cut which will add extra dimension to your new shade.

3. Keeping it

The more dramatic the change, the more important this is. Blonde hair is at risk of losing colour quickly as it just doesn’t have the rich base to sustain it, so colour protection is key, as are regular appointments for root cover. Also, try not to wash your hair too often as water is coloured hair’s number one enemy. We suggest using the Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique shampoo when you do wash as well as their matching Masque at least once a week. Break this up with a good dry shampoo in between washes like Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampoo.


Image credit: @camimendes