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Eliminate bad hair days with the right haircare arsenal

Do you know whether to grab a cream or an oil? How to maximise your leave in with a serum? With so many advances in hair care technology these days it’s easy to get confused, but the best hairdressers at our award-winning Wilston salon have got you covered with this breakdown of your essential haircare weapons. Take note and use it to help select the best products to banish your bad hair day battles next time you are in the salon.

Treatment Serums: Think of serums as the power boosting first step in any hair care routine. Created to act as the first treatment to penetrate the hair, it adds an extra layer of efficiency for any treatment products used after them. They are light and watery for easy absorption into the follicle.

Creams: The most heavyweight of the bunch, creams are best for the driest of hair types that need the most nourishment. They can take the form of leave in treatments applied to dry ends after styling or more commonly as treatment masks applied to wet hair. Ideal for the most unruly hair, creams are a great intensive option.

Oils: Oils today aren’t like they used to be! While it might seem problematic to add oil to hair, after all who isn’t terrified by the thought of oily hair, the new generation of oils, used in the right amounts, can make a huge difference without leaving hair greasy or weighed down. Today’s oils are, more often than not, created from beautiful natural sources and are light and silky so are perfect for softening all hair types. Focus on the ends to ensure they are not overused.

Silicone Serums: These are increasingly being shunned for a focus on building hair health and strength, rather than creating the false shine that silicones can provide. They work by coating the hair shaft to give the illusion of shine, however they also stop treatments from penetrating, attract dirt and pollutants and can be hard to remove. Thankfully the next generation of hair care is a much more hair friendly option.

Protectors: While not always required in a regime, if you are a fan of regular heat styling, this can be one of the most important tools in your kit. Using hair care products and then a heat styler can actually further damage the hair as the heat reacts with the products, so you always want to lock in the treatments with a heat protecting spray or cream.

Give us a call or pop in to the best salon in Brisbane and we will help remove those bad hair days from your life forever!

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