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Double The Bun Fun

In case you missed the fashion memo, we’ve basically travelled back in time to the ’90s. Slip dresses over T-shirt combos are happening again, chokers around the neck, crop tops, chunky shoes and Birkenstocks with a ‘too-cool-to-care attitude’ are where it’s at.

So it’s no surprise that a popular ’90s hair trend is also making a comeback in a major way: the double bun.

So what’s the best way to rock a ‘90’s hair look and make it relevant (less baby Spice, more boss lady)? The trick is to ease off on the grunge and balance ’90s references with today’s more sleek and polished aesthetic. Brisbane hairdressers Emily and Zoey from award winning Wilston hair salon Fruition show us how it’s done.

Current celeb faves Hailey Baldwin and Khloe Kardashian both nailed this 90’s look by pulling two large, twisted buns to the very top of their head super close together. Emily Alterator-Gledhill says “This look is all about details so make sure you add some texture, ensure you have plenty of flyaways at the front and sides and don’t forget to keep the buns fluffy! Add a choker for extra 90’s points and you are good to go!”

If you feel that the double bun is just not your thing, maybe a little bit too girly for you, then how about this other 90’s classic which is making a huge comeback: the half bun. “This style really is a thing of beauty. It can carry off looking polished and sleek or slightly more messy” says Fruition hairdresser Zoey Davis. “It can work with straight hair or waves, squeaky clean hair or off-to-the-gym-later-so-can’t-be-bothered hair! It’s bun perfection, 90’s cool merged with modern prettiness.”