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The Bigger The Better!

One of the questions we get asked at our Wilston hair salon all the time is “How can I make my hair look thicker?”

No-one likes the dawning of that horrible truth – that as we age, our hair follicles get smaller and our oil glands shrink over time and they don’t produce oil efficiently, so hair gets thinner and drier and can lose its glossy sheen.

Help is at hand however! We have a few suggestions from the team at Brisbane hair salon, Fruition, which could turn your future hair around

Try a treatment with your colour

Colouring is great for adding some oomph – a few highlights can give the illusion of depth and the peroxide swells each strand, so it feels thicker. “Beware though as bleach can leave hair prone to breakage so try a Kérastase Densifique treatment which increases the look of hair density by boosting the hair fibre,” advises Emily Alterator.

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Don’t dodge the shampoo

Who doesn’t love a dry shampoo day, especially now as we are all so time poor? But we’re afraid that cleansing really is key to getting luscious lengths. Cara Robinson says “Oils left on your scalp for days can get nasty, clogging your pores and preventing hair growth. You are better off using a gentle shampoo every day rather than a deep cleansing shampoo less often.” We like the Kérastase Nutritive range or the Vitamino-Color A-OX Soft Cleanser by L’Oréal Professionnel.

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Pop a pill

A supplement can make all the difference when it comes to having longer, stronger hair. Amanda Menz says “Lots of people with thinning hair can be iron or zinc deficient. You can boost this in your diet but often a supplement will help you on your way much quicker. There a so many skin/hair/nails supplements out there your best bet is to have a chat with your doctor or pharmacist to find the right one for you

You are what you eat

Follicles need energy to make healthy hair, so low-calorie diets can mean slower growth and weaker strands. Diets which are too low in fat can affect your scalp, which can lead to hair falling out fall-out. “You need to feed your hair” says Craig Smith. “Good fats and protein build keratin in the hair so fill your boots on eggs, fish and poultry – and that Aussie breakfast favourite avo on toast couldn’t be more perfect hair food!”


Style yourself thicker

“Being lazy is a good thing!” says Sophia Neighbour. Well it is when it comes to your hairdryer. Blow-drying hair perfectly smooth not only takes forever, it can also make hair look thinner because it flattens the cuticles. Texture equals thickness. “Just think how ‘bed head’ looks compared to a someone who has hammered the irons! Try rough-drying with your hands and just smoothing the top layer for shine.” she adds. “This saves time, adds body and looks so much fresher than an overworked look”