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Beat the Heat!

Summer is well and truly here and that means plenty of sun, sand and surf – all of which wreak havoc on hair. The last thing you want to do is say no to that pool party invite because you don’t want to ruin your do, so here the best hairdressers in Brisbane from Fruition Hair give you some handy tips to make sure your locks stay glossy and fresh for the next 3 months.


One of the things you might find yourself struggling with is fly-aways. Being in a dry, hot climate like Queensland means dealing with extra static in the air which can cause the strands to repel each other. Make sure you are using an intensive shampoo and conditioner to ensure hair is well moisturised- we love Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste. However, they may also be from broken from over styling or harsh colouring, so if this is the case, work with your hairdresser to determine the best way to prevent it in the future.

Chlorine is one of the worst offenders when it comes to damage – who hasn’t heard horror stories of blond hair turning a shade of green! While this isn’t something to worry too much about when it comes to the occasional dip, when it’s mixed with a combination of air and the sun it can oxidise hair, which causes damage to the cuticle and proteins within the hair. If you are swimming, always wear a cap, if you are just jumping in for fun, tie it up and be sure to rinse as soon as you hop out.

Salt water is also quite damaging as even though the hair is getting wet the salt can actually dramatically strip the hair of moisture leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Whenever you are at the beach be sure to prep hair with a leave in conditioner or treatment before you jump in the water. You can even just take a bottle of water and use it to wet hair. These options will minimise the amount of salt water that is going to be able to penetrate the hair.

Whenever you are out and about you should be wearing a hat! You know you need to slip slop slap for your skin, but it is important for your hair too. There are now plenty of products that feature UV filters to add an added layer of protection if you are going to be out spending time in the sun.

For styling think products like sea salt sprays and texturisers to work with your lifestyle. Sea salt sprays are great as they give you that covetable all day at the beach look with the added benefits of moisture and hair nourishing ingredients. The best hairdressers in Fortitude Valley love Kerastase Materialiste.

No matter what you get up to, a little at home TLC is a must. We recommend using a once weekly mask to make sure you are replenishing your hair adequately. Think of it as the perfect excuse to relax and unwind after your summer weekends!

Final tip- have fun with the hair accessories that are everywhere this season and tie it up when you can, there is nothing more chic than a silk headband or petite Alice band. Plus it means that the hair is less likely to get knotted and the ends less likely to get damaged.

Prep for your perfect summer with an appointment with Fruition for your best haircut and best hair colour yet.


Post image credit: @behatiprinsloo