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Beat Your Hair-Nemies!

We all have something about our hair that drives us crazy. That specific thing that others might love but you know that the grass isn’t always greener! Whether it’s curls that you wish were poker straight, all that volume that you are sick of blow-drying or that super short pixie that just won’t grow out, it’s time to show these hair-nemies who is boss and love the hair you have. Our award-winning team of the best hairdressers in Brisbane have scoured the salon for the very best, cult favourite products that will give you your dream hair. Come and visit the best salon near you in Wilston and we can help you choose from the list below.


Now most of us would kill for a natural curl, but naturally curly hair comes with a lot of extra maintenance required. It’s always just one brush away from frizz, so be sure to use nourishing products specifically created for curly hair and invest in quality tools. We love the Kérastase Discipline Masque Curl Idéal.

Those with thinner hair are more likely to suffer from visible issues with oily- there is just noweher to hide! Other than pulling it up and popping it under a glam wide brimmed hat, we suggest using light products formulated to detoxify and yet still nourish the hair. You don’t want anything harsh that is going to strip the hair and make the situation even worse. We love the Kevin Murphy MAXI.WASH.

While products themselves aren’t going to have nuch effect here, you still want to use products that are going to nourish your hair to minimise any added frizz. What you really need to do though is to head in for a cut. At Fruition we pride ourselves on creating the best haircuts in Wilston so rest assured we will be able to cut your hair in a way which maintains your shape and style but remove some of the bulk to help making styling and drying your hair so much easier.

What thin haired girls wouldn’t give for a bit more oomph! The most high maintenance to style because of the need to consistently add volume and attempt to maintain shape, your want to start with your care products but styling products are where you can really make an impact. We love Shu Uemura Texture Wave.

For some, it seems like nothing can transform their consistently dry and frizzy locks, and indeed wit this hair type you do need to bring out the big guns and indulge in some VIP treatment. Ne of the things we love doing for our clients is a treatment at the basin where we can transform your hair from when you walk in to when you walk out. To take home we love Kerastase Masque Therapiste. Set aside Sundays as your pamper day and be sure to apply your mask at least once a week.