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Crafted with precision and personalized with a tailored finish, Fruition is a local Wilston hair salon for those seeking an aspirational style statement. Committed to discovering individual taste and complimenting unique lifestyle choices, Fruition creates hair that defines the person you want to be. Located just 3 kilometres North of the Brisbane CBD, Fruition is your local hairdresser based in Wilston. Boasting a substantial 115sqm of slick interior, fifteen styling stations and a four-seater basin area to adequately host their award winning team of 18 hair stylists. Having rapidly developed into a real lifestyle hub for urban dwellers, where modern architecture and 18th century workers cottages fuse to create a heritage meets hip aesthetic, Wilston Village provides a quintessential hair fashion destination, just out of the Brisbane CBD, for clients looking for hairdresser that creates hair that defines the person you want to be, in an environment that induces absolute relaxation.
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Photo Cred: Daniel Cougan at Shutter & Co Media