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2019: The year of the bride!

It’s the end of the year. Time to start reflecting on what was and preparing for what’s new. If you are currently about to become a 2019 bride, congratulations. If you aren’t? Well we imagine that come New Years Eve we might have more than a few more ladies (and gents!) ready to start planning and start thinking about that MOST important element. Your hair of course!!


As Wilston’s best wedding hair salon for Brisbane brides, our award-winning hairdressers have you covered for all your bridal hair needs, no matter what your cut, colour or style. Here, the best hairdressers near you, break down their top tips for all brides to consider leading up to the big day;

Don’t leave any big changes ‘til the last minute! If you are considering a big change, do it now so that you can be sure. You want to look like the best version of yourself on your wedding day, so you may come to regret a big change so close to deadline. Drop in and talk it through with one of our bridal hair experts so that we can help guide you. If we make the change now, we can be sure you are happy with it and can refine it with plenty of time to spare.

Time to stop thinking about pampering as a luxury- it’s a must for soon to be brides. It’s time to invest in a quality hair treatment and make it part of your non-negotiable weekly routine. The more nourished your hair is in the lead up, the less you will need to worry come D-day.

If you have decided on an updo or long locks, it’s time to focus on maximising your hair length now. Invest in regular in-salon trims as, although it may seem counterproductive, they are crucial in order to keep hair strong and healthy. You can also try adding a supplement, preferably something with a hair friendly combo of collagen, zinc and silica. Check with your GP or chemist for more info.

Have some fun with it! Use the coming months to experiment with different wedding hair looks by booking in a few trial runs with your stylist. Not only will it ensure you are perfectly happy with the bridal hair look, it also means some fab hair for nights out! Speak with the best hair salon near you to discuss options and pricing.

Finally, source as much inspo as you can- Instagram, bridal magazines, Pinterest- there are limitless sources of bridal hair inspiration out there so start collating and bring them in to the salon on your next appointment so we can experiment together!

Post image credit: @voguemagazine