At Fruition, we use exclusively professional products that deliver superior results. The brands that allow our us to deliver stand out results are: L’Oréal Proféssionnel, Kérastase, Shu Uemera & ghd.

The Fruition, Wilston hair salon team are regularly trained in the latest products and techniques available and are passionate about the products they use. Please come in and speak to one of our expertly trained stylists for a customised home haircare system that addresses your hair’s needs and concerns.

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  • Combining technological supremacy with an artistic edge, the L'Oréal Professionnel portfolio or products has been providing hair experts around the world with the most innovative products to achieve the best performance and the best results.
  • As a painter who needs to prepare the canvas for a perfect work of art, the shu uemura art of hair stylist needs to prepare the hair fibre to create perfect hairstyles.

    The brand heritage is associated with natural precious ingredients, Shiatsu inspired massages and star products
  • ghd hair straighteners are regarded worldwide as the best tool in the industry for hair styling. Continuously advancing in the latest technology to create the best style whilst still caring for the hair, ghd ensures our clients have beautiful hair all day every day- the perfect tool to accompany your Fruition 'do'.
  • Kerastase is the Luxury hair care brand providing divine hair transformation, professional diagnosis, advanced technologies, personalised take home programmes and an unforgettable experience.